President Maduro announces “a great dialogue never seen before” after JUL-28

The president of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela, Nicolás Maduro Moros, announced the installation of “a great dialogue never seen before” after the presidential elections on July 28, with the purpose of “being determined to maintain the independence of our country”.

During a live broadcast through the TikTok social network, the head of state indicated that the Bolivarian Revolution will soon promote a series of “changes” the Republic needs.

In that sense, he highlighted that at the end of 2024 “a growth of over eight percent of the real economy is projected.” In addition, he stated that Venezuela has gained ground in the constitution of a new economic system to slow down inflation:

It is the lowest in fourteen years, and it is below 60 percent,” he said.

He celebrated that Venezuela, today, has 100 percent supply in relation to basic and essential items. “We have gained great spaces by having political, social and national peace; as well as in citizen security and economic stability,” he pointed out.