President Maduro announces mobilizations this March 15 for Family Day

“We are aware, we must remember that I decreed May 15 as the Venezuelan Family Day, and we are going to make great mobilizations with the Christian people, with the people of the streets, people of the churches, for family unity, to unite and unite the family,” announced this Tuesday the president of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela, Nicolás Maduro Moros.

No one is going to take me away from that objective,” said the head of state about the care and protection of Venezuelan families, during his speech in the Tocópero municipality of Falcón, where he inaugurated the Type I Hospital, “Susana Maduro” and offered a balance of the health and education rehabilitation sessions by the Military Community Brigades for Education and Health (Bricomiles).

The national leader said that the core that the Bolivarian Government works to strengthen every day is that of the family, as well as the promotion of Christian values, solidarity, love for fathers, mothers, grandfathers, grandmothers, and loved ones. dear ones.

Because imperialism wants to destroy the values of youth and put cockroaches in their heads, and lead them towards violence, drugs, pornography (…) (Be on) alert father, mother, and also us grandparents, grandmothers; Let us dedicate with love the work to train boys, girls, and young people for the good country, as Ali Primera would say, the beautiful Homeland of the future!”

We are building a new history and this history belongs to you, boys and girls, you will be the tri-centennial generation that will see with your eyes a homeland of well-being,” he urged the youth.