ALBA-TCP proposes creating 2030 Agenda with seven goals and relaunching PetroCaribe

The Bolivarian Alliance for the Peoples of Our Americas (ALBA-TCP) proposes to create a work agenda that adapts to the new challenges of the region, indicated this Wednesday the president of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela, Nicolás Maduro.

This proposal, the Venezuelan head of state explained, was presented in a private meeting with the heads of state and government at Miraflores Palace, in Caracas; by the Executive Secretary of the alliance, Jorge Arreaza:

“We have received the proposal from our Executive Secretary, to establish an updated agenda, for the times we are living in, and an agenda that allows us to march together, governments, people, ALBA countries, towards higher objectives in all fields of geopolitics, the economy, finances, health, culture education, telecommunications, food production,” said the Venezuelan head of state.

In this sense, he expressed the need to “move from the integration of our countries, based on concrete projects, to a higher vision, which is the original vision of the liberators, to the vision of building the union of our region, the union of our people.”

This agenda, known as ALBA 2030, will have seven lines of work in the short and medium term.

The ALBA Agenda – which has year 2030 as its goal date – establishes the creation of a cooperation and development agency of the instance, to “raise resources in the world”, the relaunching of PetroCaribe, despite the sanctions imposed by the United States (USA) that tried to destabilize said program; as well as the creation of a plan called ALBA Foods.

This work plan also calls for the final adoption of the People’s Trade Agreement; as well as promoting a special program of shared scientific, cultural, communication and academic development, aiming at the creation of the University of the Peoples of ALBA.

He commented that this starting document, which will be debated and approved, contains the following seven actions:

– To create an ALBA-TCP development agency to carry out a global multilateral offensive, which allows raising resources for comprehensive development projects of countries.

– To study and approve a PetroCaribe Relaunching Plan in its new stage, as part of the defense against the bombardment of imperial North American missiles “that sought to destroy PetroCaribe, they stopped it but did not destroy it. PetroCaribe is being relaunched and will return,” said Maduro.

– Approval of the Alba Foods Plan, to continue insisting on the issue of food self-sufficiency and production, in organic seeds and land, joint plans on non-polluting fertilizers, machinery, scientific and technical applications, financing and marketing.

– To adopt and sign the People’s Trade Treaty, to establish the ALBA nations as a zone of fair trade and economic complementarity, respecting asymmetries and levels of development of each country. “Only ALBA can determine it, only ALBA can achieve the miracle of the balance of respect, because here there are no big or small countries, nor does one hegemonize another, we are all equal and brothers.”

– To establish a special, scientific, cultural and communicational, academic program of shared development, with university, science and technology exchange, and the creation of the ALBA People’s University

– Relaunching of the ALBA Health Plan, with all its implications for the training of doctors, nursing staff and other specialties.

To advance in the creation of ALBA to mitigate the impact of the climate emergency created by the capitalist system and which all human beings are currently suffering.

It is an integrative, motivating, unionist ALBA 2030 agenda,” concluded the Venezuelan head of state.

The last two lines of work are the relaunching of the ALBA Health plan and the creation of an ALBA agency to mitigate the impacts of climate change:

It’s a pretty complete agenda. We have already made progress in the debate on some of its components. There is a starting document for this 2030 agenda to be studied and hopefully approved, as a guide, as a route of action for our governments, countries and people,” stressed the Venezuelan president.

This ALBA 2030 agenda is an integrative, unionist, motivating agenda. Today the world is moving, in a great civilizational change, there is a great change in geopolitics and human civilization,” added President Maduro.

During the journey, the Venezuelan president also called on regional leaders to advance in strengthening the Community of Latin American and Caribbean States (CELAC).