Court decrees deprivation of liberty to Tareck El Aissami after presentation hearing

This Thursday, the presentation hearing of the former president of PDVSA, Tareck El Aissami, was held before the 2nd Court of Control Against Terrorism, where the judge in charge issued pronouncements to the fiscal request made by the Public Ministry (MP), with which is admitted the ordinary procedure, the requested fiscal classification of treason to the Homeland, appropriation or distraction of public assets, boasting or availing of relationships or influence, money laundering, association to commit a crime, and agrees to the custodial measure against the accused.

The information was disclosed by the Public Ministry through the social networks of Attorney General, Tarek William Saab, who listed the actions that the agency carried out in the corresponding legal period to proceed to charge El Aissami, in addition to Samark Lopez and Simón Zerpa, for the crimes incurred:

The motive for this plurality of crimes was promoted to execute an economic conspiracy, simultaneously with corruption: with the objective of achieving the implosion of the country’s economy, through the destruction of the national currency and the astronomical rise of the parallel dollar and with this criminal way of acting, producing economic, financial chaos and social violence,” as reports the message.

The senior official recalled that, for these crimes, were applied mechanisms such as the diversion of public funds from PDVSA and the Venezuelan Corporation of Guayana (CVG); through SUNACRIP and then launder capital to private accounts of said corrupt individuals, as well as the purchase of high-end goods, without the sums of money resulting from the sale of crude oil entering the State through the Central Bank of Venezuela (BCV). ).

Journalist Eligio Rojas published on his social networks a video with El Aissami’s presentation before the court.