Inaugurated at the UN exhibition on the economic blockade in Venezuela

At the headquarters of the United Nations (UN), in the United States, was inaugurated the exhibition The Numbers of the Blockade: History of the Aggression against Venezuela, where the Mission of Venezuela in the multilateral organization presented, with the support of the Vice Ministry of Anti-Blockade Policies of the Ministry of People’s Power for Economy, Finance and Foreign Trade, how the economic blockade has affected the Venezuelan people.

The news was shared on the account in the X social network of the Venezuelan Mission to the United Nations in New York, where the diplomatic team showed details of the multiform aggression to which Venezuela has been subject, and which has caused losses to the country for about 642 billion dollars.

This attack against the national economy has accumulated more than 900 sanctions in less than five years, becoming a new form of terrorism, a conceptualization that has been denounced before the United Nations Assembly on repeated occasions.