Venezuela bets on a new international financial architecture to face threats

“We have to be oriented towards a new international financial architecture,” said the Vice President for the Economic Area, Ramón Lobo, referring to the geopolitical vision of Commander Hugo Chavez on the world stage, for the promotion of a new sovereign and independent international financial system that would break the dependence of the countries of the region of foreign instances.

In the face of the new threats against Venezuela, which would increase the financial blockade that has been raging for some time now, must be strengthened the relations with brotherly countries, said the economist during the “Dando y Dando-Radio” (Taking and giving-Radio) program, broadcast by the RNV Informative channel.

What the United States is looking for is that even if the nation has the resources to honor its international commitments, it cannot do so and, even more seriously, that the people do not receive their food and medicines.

In this scenario, the strengthening of relations with the BRIC (Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa) member countries is strengthened, with the exception of Brazil, to give the final impulse to this new international financial architecture, he said.

On the other hand, Lobo commented that as never before the people have begun to identify who are responsible for the attack on the national economic system and this was demonstrated on July 30, when most of the Venezuelans came to support the revolution amidst a beaten economic scenario.