President Maduro reveals four assassination plans frustrated in 2023

The president of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela, Nicolás Maduro, revealed that during the past year were thwarted a total of four coup plots planned by the Venezuelan right wing in complicity with US organizations from Colombia and Miami.

The head of state pointed out that the conspiracies were detected in May, August, November and December 2023, in which those involved are both nationals, who would act together with foreign components.

He said that the destabilizing actions were planned from Miami and Colombia: “The CIA and DEA office in Colombia continues to act against Venezuela,” he warned.

He declared that in the four conspiratorial actions, which will soon be revealed and detailed, they had the objective of assassinating President Maduro, Minister Padrino López and important leaders in the country, to cut off the peace process in Venezuela.

He highlighted that one of the conspiracies to assassinate him was detected after Antonio Ledezma’s controversial statements in which he said “we have soldiers and they are going to act.” After the event, an officer who would be in charge of carrying out the attack was detected.

He announced that high officials in Táchira and Zulia states were bought by the Venezuelan right wing, in complicity with organizations from other countries, to attack the life of the Head of State. However, intelligence efforts managed to alert in time about the plot and dismantled the maneuver.

The last conspiracy was to assault a military barracks on January 1 in Táchira state, with deserter military men, mercenaries and some purchased soldiers. The main mission of the plan was to assassinate Freddy Bernal, governor of Táchira. He said it was a group of mercenaries brought from Colombia to capture and assassinate the governor. All those responsible are in prison, convicted and confessed

The president congratulated the intelligence agencies and the loyalty of the Armed Forces for the work carried out in the unveiling of these assassination plans. “The great guarantee of peace is to continue defeating conspiracies.”

Do not forget that the Bolivarian Fury Plan is activated 24 hours a day. “That is the plan that would come into effect if any of their plans materialize,” he warned.