Deputy Jorge Rodríguez: We will take action for violation of Alex Saab’s human rights

The president of the National Assembly, deputy Jorge Rodríguez (PSUV/Capital District), announced this Thursday that Venezuela will take legal action for the violation of the human rights of diplomat Alex Saab, during the more than 1,286 days that he was kidnapped in Cape Verde and the United States.

Rodríguez denounced the savage treatment that Saab received, which he described as crimes against humanity, and expressed his satisfaction because the plenipotentiary delegate of the negotiations with the opposition in Mexico is already in Caracas with his family and friends.

He also announced that the diplomat’s wife, Camila Fabri de Saab, will remain a full member of the Venezuelan dialogue process.

For his part, Saab declared that in 1,286 days of kidnapping, the United States could not prove any type of crime against him.

He added that the imperial sanctions imposed on Venezuela have only served to enrich a few with the suffering of the people.

He thanked and paid his respects to the presidents of Venezuela and the United States, Nicolás Maduro and Joe Biden:

They knew I was innocent,” he said, referring to Biden and his team. He also thanked his wife Camila and all those who have expressed happiness for his release.