President Maduro denounces extreme right wing’s intention to recolonize Latin America

During his weekly space “Con Maduro +”, the president of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela, Nicolás Maduro, warned about a dangerous change for Latin America, with the arrival to power in Argentina of the far-right Javier Milei:

The extreme neo-Nazi right wing won in Argentina, it is an extreme right wing that comes with a project for Argentina, but that intends to lead a colonial project throughout Latin America and the Caribbean,” he asserted.

The national leader affirmed that Venezuela will always be a voice that will not silence the truth and clarified that “we respect the vote of the Argentinean people,” while denouncing that this new project that is beginning “is a threat.”

He highlighted that just as happened in the seventies, with the establishment of the “ultra neoliberal” project, Milei’s rise brings with it the same intentions:

With the coups d’état of Pinochet in Chile, of Videla in Argentina, with the coup d’état in Uruguay they imposed a State model, denied all social rights and implemented a repressive, paramilitary – parapolice State,” he recalled.

In previous statements made by Milei to the media, before being elected President in the electoral contest on November 19, he expressed his intention to close the Ministry of Science and Technology of the South American country, in addition to privatizing the National Council of Scientific and Technical Research, among other institutions, because in his opinion science does not contribute anything to their country. Likewise, he pointed out that his project will give a complete change to public spending.