Chancellor Arreaza: The dominant elites are not the ones that determine the will of the people

“The dominant elites are not the ones that determine the will of the people, in Venezuela the people have been in power for 20 years since February 2, 1999, when President Hugo Chávez entered Miraflores, it became the home of the people and they could not get it out of there”.
This was stated by the Minister of People’s Power for Foreign Affairs, Jorge Arreaza, during his participation in the installation of the 1st Meeting of Local Governments and Participatory Democracy, which takes place in Caracas from June 5 to 9.
In his statements, the high official highlighted the participation of the authorities of Peru and Argentina, despite the fact that their governments intervene in the Lima Group, an instance that opposes the freedom and democracy of the Venezuelan nation.
The Venezuelan Chancellor compared the meeting with the one being carried out in some European countries: “These meetings that are held in Europe are to ensure that these levels of government are controlled by the dominant economic elites and to prevent the people from having power. This is the counter-meeting of that, this meeting is precisely to improve our level of trust in the people and empower the process of governments”, he said.
He said that the objective of the event that begins today will be to share the experience of participatory and protagonist democracy that exists in the country, but at the same time take as an example the process of other countries to make it more efficient.
“Despite the siege of the United States, we want to share experiences and build that network that allows us to exist and build local. popular, progressive governments, those who believe in the people to be governed by the new participatory and protagonist democracy”, he said.