TSJ suspends the primary election process and admits injunction appeal

The Electoral Chamber of the Supreme Court of Justice (TSJ), annulled all the unconstitutional and illegal acts by the National Primaries Commission, which carried out the (opposition) primaries electoral process last Sunday, October 22, 2023, to “elect” their presidential candidate for the 2024 presidential elections.

In ruling 122, File number 2023-0000065, published by the judicial instance on its website, it indicates that the instance declares itself competent to study the case.

Following, the full text of the decision:

The Chamber declared:

1) Its Competence to hear the present Contentious Electoral Appeal exercised with Injunction Relief against the “National Primaries Commission” and all the acts dictated in the “primaries political event process” carried out on October 22, 2023, in view of the upcoming presidential elections of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela in 2024.

2) It is admitted the present Contentious Electoral Appeal filed by citizen Deputy of the National Assembly José Dionisio Brito Rodríguez, Venezuelan, of legal age, holder of identity card number V-8,263,861.

3) The request for an Injunction Relief is appropriate, and consequently all the effects of the different phases of the electoral process conducted by the “national primaries commission” are suspended.

4) The “National Primaries Commission” is ordered, in accordance with article 184 of the Organic Law of the Supreme Court of Justice, to send to this judicial body the Administrative Background, containing the twenty-five (25) phases that must govern the Electoral Process, from the Call and its constitution as an Electoral Commission, passing through the Electoral Schedule, Electoral Registry with its periods of challenge and purification, Applications with its periods of challenge and purification, including the Act of Acceptance of the Nomination, formulated by the citizen firmly disqualified for fifteen (15) years, María Corina Machado; as well as the resignations of citizen Henrique Capriles, permanently disqualified for fifteen (15) years, Freddy Superlano, permanently disqualified for seven (7) years, and those of any other citizen who has decided to renounce its candidacy; the Minutes of the event held on October 22, 2023, including the Minutes of Constitution of the Electoral Tables, the Voting Notebooks, the Voting Ballots, the Minutes of Scrutinies, as well as the Regional Totalization Minutes, the Final Totalization Minutes , the Act of Adjudication and the Act of Proclamation. Must also send a report on the factual and legal aspects, indicating the mechanism used to safeguard the electoral material and the place designated for this purpose; all of this related to the demand, as established in article 184 eiusdem, within a period of three (3) days of dispatch counted from its notification.

5) It is ORDERED the notification to the Attorney General of the Republic, citizen Tarek William Saab, in view of the multiple and serious denounces related to that electoral event, formulated by both Deputy José Dionisio Brito Rodríguez, previously identified above, as well as by other representatives of the Public Powers of the Venezuelan State and by other political actors, which have been widely disseminated through the social media, whose facts described could configure the alleged commission of crimes against the Constitution of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela, the alleged commission of electoral crimes and the alleged commission of common crimes.