More than 1,190,000 cases have been resolved by the 1×10 of Good Governance

Up to date, a total of 1,191,717 cases reported by Venezuelans have been addressed and resolved through the 1×10 system of Good Governance, as reported this Monday the head of State Nicolás Maduro Moros.

The cases attended by Ministries are located at 1,139,051, while the Governors and Mayors have given an efficient response to 52,666 reports, with water, electricity and gas being the prioritized sectors; the latter having a 45% immediate response.

In this sense, more than a million people have indicated that they feel satisfied with the attention and response offered by the VenApp and the 1×10 of Good Governance.

Rehabilitated Educational Unit in Mérida:s

After receiving a complaint from the population of the Mariano Picón Salas parish, in Mérida state, the national Executive, together with the regional government and the People’s Power, managed to rehabilitate the Sports Talent Educational Unit.

The works contemplated improvements in the dining room areas, sports field, bathrooms, white water and black water facilities, as well as exterior and interior coatings.

With this work are being favored 450 families who live in the area.

We must keep moving forward with great force, I trust you,” President Maduro said when instructing the People’s Power Minister for Sports, Mervin Maldonado, to multiply these educational centers that are hotbeds for high-performance athletes.