President calls to participate in consultative referendum on Guayana Essequiba

With the phrase “People to the streets, people to vote!”, the President of the Republic, Nicolás Maduro, called on the Venezuelan men and women to participate massively in the consultative referendum on Guayana Essequiba, scheduled for next December 3:

I support with all my being the consultative referendum on Guayana Essequiba, and I ask the 49,000 communal councils, I ask the more than one million spokespersons, I ask the more than 3,600 communes of the country, to activate in order to debate the constitutional referendum questions on Guayana Essequiba; and to go out massively on December 3 to vote for the Venezuelan Guayana Essequiba,” stressed the head of state.

During an event to commemorate the “Golpe de Timón” (Rudder Coup), instructed by Commander Hugo Chávez 11 years ago, in which he outlined the main lines to follow for the new cycle of the Bolivarian Revolution, the Venezuelan Dignitary pointed out that “there are tasks that we must assume if we want Venezuela to be respected in the world, if we want Venezuela to assert its historical and legal rights.”

Direct democracy, freedom, participation!” said the President.

The Venezuelan head of state referred to this issue after this Friday the head of the National Assembly (AN), deputy Jorge Rodríguez, officially submitted to the board of directors of the National Electoral Council (CNE) the constitutional request for carrying out a consultative referendum on the issue of Guayana Essequiba.