Venezuela reiterates willingness to maintain relations of respect with the US

The President of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela, Nicolás Maduro, ratified this Thursday his willingness to maintain relations of peace and respect with all the countries of the region, including the United States of America, despite the interventionist actions undertaken by the North American nation against Venezuela.

“Do you want to receive answers about any situation in Venezuela? I am available and willing as Head of State. To the powers of the world, I tell you: Let us continue cultivating relationships. I would like to have relations with the US the same way as we have with Russia, with China, with India: with a respectful dialogue”, expressed the National President in a joint radio and television broadcast made from the Federal Legislative Palace.

He wondered if the US “will someday be prepared to respect the Governments and peoples of the world”, so that dialogue and cooperation and trade relations can be established.

“To President Donald Trump, I propose a way for his name not to be stained forever as was that of George Bush and Barack Obama. Do not underestimate Venezuela, President Trump, be careful with the orders you may be giving on Venezuela”, he warned.

He emphasized that the Venezuelan people will defend the sovereignty and the self-determination conquered in the Bolivarian Revolution.

“They cannot pretend to try to dominate us and take away our natural resources, oil, gold, gas, and to dominate our country and for us to say “yes, sir!”, No, they cannot pretend that. (…) This is not a problem of overthrowing Maduro or leaving him in power, in here there is a Constituent people who said: We want a Homeland, we will have a Homeland, and no empire will take it away from us!. It is a people, not a man, who is in political power”, he said.