President Maduro denounces and denies media manipulation by The Washington Post regarding false agreements in dialogue

The President of the Republic, Nicolás Maduro, rejected the information manipulation by the Washington Post newspaper, ensuring that this media seeks to distort the conversation process with the Venezuelan opposition.

The American newspaper assured that the dialogue that will begin seeks strategies to alleviate sanctions on the oil industry in exchange for some electoral guarantees:

The manipulation operation begins, the operation of lying on the basis of speculation and lies of what has been a process of global conversations on a set of issues and they want to manipulate (…) they live by filtering information below to manipulate, to to lie for different reasons, they try to lie, to manipulate,” he said during his “Con Maduro+” program in its 21st edition:

I cannot leak information, lying and manipulating because it would be damaging the agreement, those who release this information to lie and with this are stabbing the negotiations and agreements that have already been signed,” said the president, making it clear that there are already consensuated aspects and agreements.

If you are going to respect the agreements that have been discussed, agreed upon and signed, stop lying and manipulating, the best thing there can be in a conversation is seriousness, ethics and transparency,” he stated.

I am a man of my word and I endorse the word that was committed there. Venezuela is working to do justice and we will continue advancing,” he said.