Rodriguez: Censure of NA against minister for Alimentation is illegal and unenforceable

The deputy of the Homeland Bloc, Hector Rodriguez, informed that this Thursday’s session of the National Assembly (NA), where the opposition majority decided to give a vote of censorship to the Minister of Alimentation, Rodolfo Marco Torres, is an illegal session, given that the parliament flouted the ruling of the Supreme Justice Court (TSJ) which states that the sessions and the agenda must be given to meet at least 48 hours before.
He requested the NA «not to make the Venezuelans waste their time» and critiziced the management of the opposition deputies, who in five months, have only wanted to hinder the Government of President Nicolas Maduro.
«Does a censorship vote serves to solve the problem of product supply, for the low income?, asked Rodriguez. «It does not serve to it, it is useless. It is a useless National Assembly for the majority of Venezuelans», he said.