President Maduro approved financial resources for the Annual Habitat Plan 2020

The president of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela, Nicolás Maduro, approved financial resources for the Annual Habitat and Housing Plan for the year 2020, framed in the Plan de la Patria (Homeland Plan).
While heading a work journey on Tuesday, the President authorized the disbursement of 22,080 convertible Petros for the completion of 1,409 housings throughout the country.
He also approved resources in Bolívares, in Petros and convertible currencies “all the resources and actions to reach 500,000 housings in 2020, which implies the construction of 785 urban planning and basic services, the activation of 729 land lots equivalent to 4,536 hectares”, he detailed.
The announcement was made by the President from Miraflores Palace, where through a satellite contact was revealed the milestone of the goal of 2,900,000 housings, heading for the construction of 3 million housings built for the people.
He also stressed that today Venezuela has become a reference for the world by promoting social and socialist policies that guarantee the acquisition of decent housings at a fair price.