President Maduro orders steps to declare Venezuela free of foot-and-mouth disease

The President of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela, Nicolás Maduro, instructed the authorities this Wednesday to take all the necessary steps to declare Venezuela a territory free of foot-and-mouth disease:

“Let’s take steps to achieve that we are recognized internationally as a foot-and-mouth disease-free territory, and for all that meat to go to the international markets”, said the Venezuelan head of state during a productive Wednesday journey held from Carabobo state.

In this sense, he highlighted: “We have the world’s markets, all the Arab countries”, as well as the relations that have recently been resumed, such as Colombia and Brazil.

The declarations of the National President are framed after a request presented by the governor of Cojedes state, Alberto Galindez, who highlighted the export capacity of the entity:

“We want to export cheese, but we also want to export meat, we have good farmers,” said Galindez.