2019-2025 Homeland Plan will have three consultation schemes

The Minister for Planning, Ricardo Menendez, announced on Saturday that the construction of the second Homeland Plan for the 2019-2025 period will have three schemes of consultation with the people.

He indicated that the first aspect will be sectorial, so consultations will be held with farmers, fishermen, young people, among other actors.

“We will have by the hand of the constituents and Presidential councils of People’s Power, spaces to convene the Homeland Plan in the sectors that formulate the specific actors of each one”, he added.

During an assembly held at the Ezequiel Zamora Park in Caracas, he explained that the second aspect of consultation will cover the territorial aspect in each neighborhood, community, urbanism, with the aim of articulating the social policy of the Bolivarian Revolution, the new economic model and consolidating the country as a power, starting from the communities.

He detailed that the third aspect is the spaces for calls accompanied by the National Constituent Assembly.

He said that in this way is consolidated the integral, participatory and protagonist democracy, with the aim of protecting and vindicating the rights and social welfare of the Venezuelan people.

The Minister pointed out that the legacy of the first Homeland Plan created by the leader of the Bolivarian Revolution, Hugo Chávez, has guaranteed the sovereignty and independence of the Republic.

“From this first plan we have a great legacy, and we Venezuelans know what it means and what it costs. The great triumph of the Homeland Plan of Commander Chávez is to have and preserve sovereignty and independence before the attempts of aggression of the country”, he emphasized.