Vice President Rodríguez: Our people resurfaces from the worst blockade in Republican history

“The president of the Investment Center and the deputy ministers of the economy have exposed the great potential of Venezuela, I would say that the most important thing is our Venezuelan people, who has been able to re-emerge amidst the worst blockade our republican history has known,” this is how it was stated. expressed the Executive Vice President of the Republic, Delcy Rodríguez.

During the 9th Economic Conclave of India, Latin America and the Caribbean, Rodríguez mentioned that the economic blockade in Venezuela also impacted international relations: “The blockade against Venezuela is not only against Venezuela, it is against the European bloc, it is against the Caribbean, It is against Latin America, it is against the BRICS bloc, it is against India”.

He assured that the lifting of the blockade will be an act of justice, “first for our people, but also for international economic relations, to have true healthy commercial relations, in accordance with international law, to demand a financial system that is at the service of all and not of those who dominate, in a position of seigniorage, all the transactional mechanisms of reserve payment”.

Likewise, she asserted that she would prevent sanctions from being “an instrument to extort free countries and nations. If you realize, this ninth conclave is taking place within the framework of countries that are part of the movement of non-aligned countries, India, the founding country, and Latin America and our Caribbean are also part of the NAM, practically as a whole, and that means that there is a path where success is marked by respect, is marked by friendship and can be efficiently translated into cooperation and benefits for all peoples”.

Additionally, she highlighted the importance that India and Latin America can complement each other “in a true way, based on respect and the sovereign equality of all our countries.”

He greeted the attendees on behalf of the Venezuelan Head of State and assured that he was “happy to be in India, but much happier to be able to know that we are looking for a path of complementarity, to increase our commercial relations and that we do it in a healthy way, in accordance with international law”.