UBCh commit to a greater repoliticization in the neighborhoods

The Bolívar – Chávez Battle Units (UBCh) are committed to greater a politicization and repoliticization in the neighborhoods, as highlighted by three community leaders from the Capital District and the La Guaira state invited to the “Con Maduro+” TV program, where Eufralys Mayora , Elizabet Navarro and Dayelin Rivero, described the work that is being done in favor of these popular mobilizations throughout the country.

Contrary to how the opposition operates, the spokespersons pointed out that, with these mobilizations, the revolutionary people confirm that they are mobilizing out of love, loyalty and commitment to defend the legacy of Commander Chávez, the management of Nicolás Maduro and the rejection of the blockade against Venezuela, imposed by imperialism:

“The UBCh, and their communities with their street leaders, in addition to having a political-ideological debate, will promote a greater politicization and repoliticization in the neighborhood,” said Eufralys Mayora.

In this sense, the Head of State confirmed that the goal is to mobilize 7 million Venezuelans in an organized, conscious and voluntary manner, until the end of this year:

We are warming up, let imperialism not get wrong with us, we are just warming up, they have not been able to defeat us, nor will they ever be, why?, because there is a people, a people that is in the streets and conscious”, he asserted.

As part of the local mobilizations throughout the country, which were born from the heart of the United Socialist Party of Venezuela (PSUV), with the support of the Bolívar – Chávez Battle Units, the communities, the Great Patriotic Pole, the national President stated: “It is all the people in the streets, this goes beyond a political party”.