President Maduro summons Chavismo to seal the refounding and rectification pact towards 2030

The Venezuelan Head of State, Nicolás Maduro, called this Sunday the revolutionary and Chavismo forces to sign a refounding and rectification pact to advance in a new stage of the Bolivarian revolution:

«I am going to seal a pact of refounding and rectification of the revolutionary forces, of concrete change for action, for a new vision, a new stage, a true revolution needs a dialectic of adaptation to reality and new ideas”, he informed.

During his message in the framework of the weekly balance of the fight against covid-19, President Maduro warned that «it is not about self-collapsing» but about «putting our feet on the ground and giving momentum as we go”.

He advanced, that he reaches out to «all the patriots and revolutionaries of the country so that we unify our forces, forgive ourselves everything we have to forgive and set ourselves the year 2030 as the year for the irreversibility of the revolution”, he emphasized.

Opposition Governors:

He also expressed that he will also promote a process of constructive dialogue with the governors and mayors elected by opposition and independent parties throughout the country, in order to promote plans to solve the problems of the people.

He stressed that he had telephone conversations with elected opposition governors Manuel Rosales in Zulia, José Galíndez in Cojedes and Morel Rodríguez in Nueva Esparta state.

Maduro reflected on the election journey of last Sunday and highlighted the victory of the Simón Bolívar Great Patriotic Pole (GPPSB) in 90% of the governorships and 63% mayors.

In addition, the opposition conquered several spaces, whose elected authorities must now fulfill all campaign promises. They had a «good harvest» and «now it’s their turn to rule”, he agreed.

«In the next few hours I will welcome you to speak face to face and understand each other in the projects, at work, and so no one introduces noise into national peace, it is a call for a new dialogue, a socio-political dialogue, dialogue for the action, for the solution of specific problems in the states, in the parishes”, he explained.