Venezuela reiterates at the UN historical position in favor of the total elimination of nuclear weapons

This Tuesday, the Minister of People’s Power for Foreign Relations, Félix Plasencia, reiterated to the UN the historical position of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela regarding the need to completely eliminate nuclear weapons, as the only guarantee against their potential use, as well as their firm commitment to promoting and consolidating a safer and more peaceful world.

In an audiovisual presentation, Chancellor Plasencia emphasized the position of the Bolivarian Government during the High Level Plenary Meeting of the General Assembly of the United Nations (UN), to celebrate and promote the “International Day for the Total Elimination of Nuclear Weapons”, which took place in New York, United States.

In this sense, he argued that nuclear and mass destruction weapons constitute a latent risk that threatens all forms of life existing on the planet, and that the Treaty on Non-Proliferation of Nuclear Weapons continues being the cornerstone of the disarmament regime and that its put into practice, on the basis of strengthened multilateralism, can help to contain and dissipate these dangerous trends.

Venezuela also adhered to the joint declaration on the issue addressed, set by the Movement of Non-Aligned Countries (NAM) before the United Nations forum:

“Although we observe with satisfaction the agreements reached on the basis of the New Start, we remain concerned about the prospects of a new nuclear arms race, including the use of outer space for its deployment,” warned the head of Venezuelan diplomacy.

Chancellor Plasencia urged those states in possession of nuclear weapon to adopt without further delay measures aimed at general, complete, non-discriminatory disarmament and without double standards, and in strict adherence to the principles of transparency, irreversibility and verifiability.

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Chancellor @PlasenciaFelix: “As a non-nuclear weapon state, #Venezuela has always condemned the production, storage, use and threat of use of weapons of mass destruction, including nuclear weapons.”