Chancellors of Venezuela and Ecuador strengthened energy agreements

Foto: (Archivo)
Foto: (Archivo)
The Chancellor of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela, Delcy Rodriguez, held a meeting on Monday with her counterpart from Ecuador, Guillaume Long, who arrived in Caracas on Sunday night accompanied by the Minister for hydrocarbons of Ecuador, Jose Icaza.
«We have been reviewing the bilateral agenda and we have agreed on a binational meeting to be held in Ecuador, specifically in the area affected by the earthquake (…) area were also reviewed the agreements in the energy field,» said Rodriguez.
He said that at the activity was discussed the joint position of defending the fair price of oil.
He added that, as members of the Union of South American Nations (UNASUR), welcomed the news of the cancellation of the process that opened the way to the process of impeachment against Dilma Rousseff.
«This stops an impeachment that constitutes a coup d’etat, and therefore we will wait and see how these events develop», said Rodriguez.
Before the meeting, the Ecuadorian delegation honored the Liberator with a wreath at the Plaza Bolivar in Caracas.
Venezuela and Ecuador have signed more than 110 bilateral agreements in energy, tourism, economic, trade and knowledge areas. Of the total number of agreements, 40 are in the economic and trade area.