The Sectoral Vice President for Economy, Tareck El Aissami, on Monday swore in the new Board of Directors of Petróleos de Venezuela S.A. (PDVSA), which is made up of men and women from the state-owned oil company.

During the activity, the Minister of People’s Power for Petroleum also expressed: “Today, with the presence of our new president of PDVSA, Pedro Rafael Tellechea Ruiz, was installed a new Board of Directors that promises to continue leading to victorious destinations the most important industry of our country: PDVSA”.

Likewise, he stressed that the spirit of the state oil company continues to cling to the 3R.NETS, which has been able to overcome the 600 sanctions imposed on them: “this team combines the accumulated experience that PDVSA has with these men and these women and the new generation that joins the directive”.

This is how the new Board of Directors is formed:

President: Pedro Rafael Tellechea Ruiz

Finances Vice President: Heifred Jhoselin Segovia Marrero

Vice President of International Trade and Supply: Génesis Sabrina Ron Solano

Vice President of Trade and National Supply: Juan Carlos Díaz Socorro

Vice President of Exploration and Production: Erick Jacinto Pérez Rodríguez

Vice President of Refining: Gabriel Rafael Oliveros

Vice President of International Affairs: Ronny Rafael Romero Rodríguez

Vice President of Planning and Engineering: Tovar Hugo Villalobos García

Vice President of Gas: Juan Vicente Santana Migliacion.