Jorge Rodríguez ratified as president of the National Assembly for the 2023-2024 term

During the Installation session of the 2023 Legislative Period of the National Assembly (AN), the deputies approved by majority the continuity in the presidency of the Board of Directors, of deputy Jorge Rodríguez, who for two years at the head of the Venezuelan parliament has guaranteed the respect and peace of the country.

The 277 deputies of the AN began the installation session, where each sector of the opposition and the Parliamentary bloc of the Homeland made known their proposals to elect the new directive that will take the reins during the 2023-2024 term.

Deputy Diosdado Cabello highlighted that the National Assembly led by Deputy Jorge Rodríguez, despite the attacks and barrages against the country, has achieved national and international recognition of the Legislative Power:

Jorge Rodríguez has been at the forefront of the national dialogue and has participated. This AN has gained its historical figuration after the period occupied by the oppositionists”, he highlighted.

In the same way, he stressed that the AN during these two years has promoted respect for the freedom to express themselves on the stage of political debate without any type of tapestry.

Likewise, he proposed Deputy Pedro Infante as First Vice President, and Deputy América Pérez as Second Vice President to assume the new leadership of the National Assembly.

He thanked deputies Iris Varela and Vanessa Montero for the work they have done and that keep doing in the Parliament: “thank you very much, comrades.”