Highlighted positive disposition of Venezuela to mediate in dialogue between ELN and Colombian Government

This Tuesday, the members of the talks between the Government of Colombia and the National Liberation Army (ELN), highlighted as positive the willingness of Venezuela to be the guarantor of the dialogue.

From the Hotel Humboldt in Caracas, where the meetings have been taking place since Monday, Aureliano Carbonell, spokesman for the ELN, acknowledged Venezuela’s collaboration since the process began:

Venezuela has had a positive attitude from before to seek and help in this. Venezuela has been committed and that recognition has been made at the table”, said Carbonell in an informative contact with Venezolana de Televisión (VTV).

He explained that there are positive expectations about the dialogue, and that Venezuela is part of the positive message that it sends in the demonstrations of efforts for peace in Colombia.

He added that bilateral meetings are being held this Tuesday with participating delegations such as Norway and the United Nations Organization (UN), so they will continue to meet at the table in the afternoon.

For his part, the representative of the UN Secretary General in Colombia, Carlos Ruiz, stated that countries such as Venezuela, Ecuador and the rest of the Latin American region have contributed and continue to do so for peace between the ELN and the Colombian Government:

“We continue to accompany the peace efforts for Colombia,” he emphasized.

Finally, the representative of the Episcopal Conference of Colombia, Monsignor Héctor Fabio Enao, stressed that there is currently a climate of trust and openness to move forward and create the necessary conditions to convene peace through democracy for the social transformation of that country.

The peace talks between the Government of Colombia and the ELN resumed on November 21, 2022 in the city of Caracas, in accordance with the agenda established between the parties in a meeting held on October 4.