Argentine justice authorizes departure of 12 of the 19 crew members of illegally held Venezuelan plane

The Federal Court of Appeals of La Plata authorized on Tuesday the departure from Argentina of 12 of the 19 crew members of the Venezuelan-Iranian plane, after more than three months held in the country.

The court ratified the decision of the court of First Instance in charge of Judge Federico Villena, who lifted the measure prohibiting 12 of the 19 crew members, 11 Venezuelans and one Iranian, from leaving the country. In addition, the Chamber gives Judge Villena 10 days to decide on the fate of the other 7 crew members. The decision was made by Chamber III of the Court, made up of judges Carlos A. Vallefín and Roberto Lemos Arias.

The ruling ordered Judge Villena to expedite and conclude “all pending proceedings, the definition of the procedural situation and the restrictions imposed on people and things”. The resolution took place in the case that began after the arrival at the Ezeiza International Airport, on June 6.

The same motivated the beginning of a criminal investigation aimed at clarifying whether the behaviors developed by the crew of the aircraft were apprehended by the criminal regulations in force in the country.

#LastMinute| The President of #EMTRASUR expressed his joy at the release of the first 12 crew members of the plane “we are very happy, now we are missing the other 7 crew members that we hope to have here in the next few days and also the plane” 👇🏾 /cZxsZuMhiT”

Madelein Garcia (@madeleintlSUR) September 13, 2022

This is how we expand the information on the release of 12 of the 19 crew members held illegally for 3 months in #Argentina:

Can return to their countries:

11 Venezuelans.

1 Iranian.

Judge Villena has 10 days to decide on the other 7 crew members.”

Madelein Garcia (@madeleintlSUR) September 13, 2022