A team of experts will be formed to manage recovery of the plane in Argentina

This Monday was agreed to form a team of experts to travel to Argentina «to give the battle» for the Venezuelan plane held in this country since June, during an act headed by the president, Nicolás Maduro.

The creation of said committee responds to a proposal made by the representative of the Movement of Experts, the doctor in Social Sciences of Zulia state, Ana Cristina Bracho, who will be in charge of heading the committee:

“Now they want to steal a plane from us in Argentina, by decision of a court in Florida. So, from now on, a court in Florida decides to take a ship, a plane or any property from Venezuela or any country?”, questioned President Maduro.

The Head of State said that the plane is a Venezuelan asset, and that they have the property papers.

He stressed that “this is a plane that went around the world providing services”, and made reference to the situation that Cuba is experiencing with the fire, where it would have been supported more quickly:

“We lost 18 hours for the help to put out the fires to arrive, because we did not have the super plane that they have kidnapped from us and which they want to steal from us in Argentina”, added the president during the Congress of the New Era.

For her part, Ana Cristina Bracho, specified the importance of defending the right to legal equality between States, emphasizing that «nobody can take away planes, nobody can take away our gold”.

«We declare ourselves free, independent, sovereign and worthy”, said the Venezuelan intellectual, in statements broadcast by Venezolana de Televisión from the Teresa Carreño Theater in Caracas.

Representatives of medical movements, entrepreneurs and victims of the blockade, among others, also participated in this work session.

President Maduro reported that in October the national congresses of all the movements will be held so that they can present its proposals.