Minister Ceballos ratifies fight of security organizations against human trafficking

The People’s Power Minister for Interior Relations, Justice and Peace, Remigio Ceballos, ratified the commitment of all the security agencies of the Venezuelan State in the fight against human trafficking:

We must continue combating and fighting to completely root out these crimes here in our country. Venezuela is subscribed to the international agreements necessary to combat all this type of crime”, said this Friday Minister Ceballos during his participation in the “Venezuela Free of Trafficking” Forum, a perspective look against transnational crimes.

Ceballos stressed that “it is necessary to strengthen the denounce structurally” and added that he is committed to “strengthening, transforming and revolutionizing police action” and strengthening citizen security bodies.

Article 54 of the Constitution of the Republic establishes that no person may be subjected to slavery or servitude.

Trafficking in persons and, in particular, that of women, children and adolescents in all its forms will be subject to the penalties provided by law (between 25 and 30 years in prison).

This transnational crime feeds Europe and the USA, obtaining the sum of more than three billion dollars:

We have dismantled 11 gangs dedicated to human trafficking, 20 detainees, of which 12 were requested and 42 people rescued and in treatment. Complaint in the ven911”, published Ceballos on his account on the Twitter social network @FuerzaDinamica.