Venezuela proposes to create ALBA youth movement

The Minister of People’s Power for Youth and Sports, Mervin Maldonado, proposed the creation of the Youth Movement of the Bolivarian Alliance of the Peoples (ALBA).

During his participation in the meeting of High Authorities of the ALBA-TCP Youth, Maldonado stressed that it will be a space made up of groups and youth movements of the ALBA member states that will focus their efforts on recruiting, training and mobilizing:

“Believers of multilateralism, ALBA-TCP will be the political space for the integration and development of our peoples,” he said.

Likewise, the Minister denounced the coercive and unilateral actions imposed by the United States government against the Homeland, which have “an abusive character and violate all human rights.”

He highlighted the advances of the Venezuelan Government such as the “Gran Misión Chamba Juvenil” (Great Mission Youth Job), with more than two million young people registered and incorporated into social policies.”

Representatives from other nations also participated in the meeting, such as the member of the Council of State and first secretary of the National Youth Committee in Cuba, Aylín Álvarez, who stressed that the meeting is an opportunity to implement projects in the areas economic and social development of the bloc’s countries.

The leading participation of our youth in the design of government policies is essential. The strengthening of the ties of communication, solidarity and the implementation of joint actions is imperative for our peoples”, stressed Álvarez in his intervention.

Similarly, the Plurinational Director of Youth of Bolivia, Kely Aruquipa Arellano, reaffirmed her country’s commitment to the noble causes of the peoples and the emancipatory project.

The integration mechanism was created in 2004 at the initiative of the revolutionary leaders of Cuba, Fidel Castro, and Venezuela, Hugo Chávez.

After the deliberations, they agreed on a declaration, which establishes the creation of the ALBA-TCP International Youth Observatory.

It should be noted that the instance will promote “a greater exchange between organizations and youth movements of the member countries of the alliance.”

Likewise, the agreement indicates that the ALBA countries “are among the best that have faced the pandemic, despite the circumstances that countries such as Cuba and Venezuela have experienced,” as indicated ALBA-TCP on its Twitter account @ALBATCP.