The next three years will be of growth and expansion for Venezuela

“These first three years have been real hard, but the upcoming three years will be of growth, expansion, construction of social happiness and socialism in Venezuela. That’s what comes”.
This statement was made by the President of the Republic, Nicolas Maduro, during his participation in the march against the Law of Housings ownership held on Thursday in Caracas.
“Three years ago, a day like today, on April 14, still holding our tears for having lost our father (Hugo Chavez) we had to go out to vote, and today we are celebrating the three years of the heroic victory of 2013, if we had not overcomes on April 14, 2013, thousands of families would not have a home today”, expressed the President on a national radio and television joint broadcast.
He stressed also that would the people had not been victorious and defeated the coup d’etat 14 years ago, the social missions would not have been born, “Only for the victory over the oligarchy is that were born the Barrio Adentro, Robinson, Rivas, Sucre, Housing Missions” he said.