Measures will be taken due to the increase in the incidence of Coronavirus contagion to 3 cases per 100,000 inhabitants

“We have a peak of Coronavirus in the country, there are many cases and we are taking special measures for vaccination and care to lower these cases,” as announced on Monday President Nicolás Maduro Moros.

“We went from a little less than one (one per 100,000 inhabitants), to three cases per 100,000 inhabitants,” he reported from Miraflores Palace, where he presided over the delivery of the 2022 National Journalism Award.

The Head of State reported that health records indicate that Venezuela is presenting an average of between 120 and 150 daily cases of COVID-19 infections, and although it could be thought that it is a low figure compared to other nations in the world, in Venezuela the increase will be taken seriously:

If you said this in another country, 120 or 150 cases a day, in any northern country, they would applaud with happiness, but not us, we have to take maximum care of ourselves,” exhorted the Dignitary.

We must take prevention and maximum care,” concluded the National President.