President Nicolás Maduro calls on world leaders to reflect on the resolution of the conflict in Ukraine

The President of the Republic of Venezuela, Nicolás Maduro, urged world leaders to reflect, dialogue and resolve the conflict in Ukraine through diplomacy and the immediate search for peace.

In an interview given to the Al-Jazeera media, the Venezuelan head of state reviewed that what has happened due to the conflict in Ukraine “should make us all in the world reflect. and if I can contribute a grain of sand in that reflection, I will do so”.

He questioned the actions by the West, and described them as a mistake: “I think it is a serious mistake what the West is making against Russia, having launched more than a thousand economic sanctions, having launched an economic war, all of this has returned like a boomerang against the economies of the United States, Europe and the whole world, and has created a destabilization”.

He exemplified the negative effects of such decisions, noting that “oil prices can go as high as $200 a barrel. The price of gas skyrocketed, shortages and inflation. Scarcity of fertilizers, threats, all the prices of wheat and rice have doubled, it is a mistake that must be rectified in time”.

Relations with Russia:

In this scenario, the Venezuelan head of state ratified that the South American country maintains “strategic cooperative relations with the Russian Federation and these relations have been successful for more than twenty years. These relations have allowed large investments in Venezuela, in oil, gas, petrochemicals and other areas of cooperation and we believe that the world must practice dialogue and resolve conflicts through diplomacy and not through sanctions and economic warfare. It is a serious mistake, that is why I am making this reflection”.

He even added that relations with “Russia, with China, with India, with the Arab world, with Turkey, with Iran come long before cruel and inhuman sanctions were applied to Venezuela and they will continue forward. All our strategic relations in the world have passed the test of economic persecution, of cruel and criminal sanctions, and these are good news for Venezuela and for the world.”