Maduro: Venezuela will maintain trade relations at all levels with Russia

“Venezuela is going to maintain all trade with Russia, at all levels”, President Nicolás Maduro announced on Wednesday, condemning the economic war unleashed by the European Union and the United States against Russia.

During his participation in a new Productive Wednesday journey, for the launch of the “Venezuela Showcase” program, the Venezuelan Head of State described as a crime the set of simultaneous and coordinated actions that the governments of the United States and Europe have adopted against Russia, after the decision of his Russian counterpart, Vladimir Putin, to send troops to the Donbass region, in eastern Ukraine, to protect the population of that area, from the brutal repression they have suffered for eight years after declaring their independence:

It is a crime what they are doing against the Russian people. An economic war, they took it out of the Swift system, they closed its airspace, they closed all commercial links, they prohibited the use of the dollar. What they are doing with Russia is crazy and Russia is a powerful country, one of the great powers of the 21st century”, said Maduro.

In this context, the Venezuelan president warned that “the main form of war in the world is not military. I want to say it in relation to the conflict in Ukraine: The main war of imperialism is economic, financial, commercial. It is the indiscriminate and illegal use of the advantage of the dollar in the financial system by the United States and Europe to harm countries and to blackmail the world”.

Dialogue for peace:

Similarly, he expressed that Venezuela firmly supports the peace negotiations between Russia and Ukraine: “We aspire to favorable results that restore peace and tranquility in that region”.

The Venezuelan president urged the cessation of this strategy to promote regime changes:

“Problems must be resolved diplomatically and politically, preserving the world’s peace”, he stressed.

He recalled that Venezuela and the Venezuelan people have also been victims of these multidimensional war strategies: “We have defended and preserved peace through the path of truth and politics (…) And where is Venezuela? Victorious, standing up, recovering, producing, building”, he emphasized.