Scandal in Polichacao: Know what was found in the first audit

Following the intervention of the police of Chacao municipality in Miranda state, made official on Monday afternoon by the Gazette Extraordinary No. 6,229, the President of the Republic, Nicolas Maduro, offered some details of what was found at this police headquarters.
Speaking at the Homeland Congress, chapter of Military Active Reserve, the Head of State informed that was evidenced the absence of weapons and ammunition.
“We have got evidences of other acts in the Chacao police, money, there are missing 20 thousand gun cartridges, we are doing an audit and will give an assessment of the investigation”, said the Head of State.
He also highlighted that out of 804 staff officers reported when it was requested the service roll, they were only informed of more than 200 officers, of which only appear 40.
“We found that a group of officers and officials are in a course in the United States, sent by the US Embassy. We found a close link between the Director and Sub-Director, daily conversations with the US Embassy”, added the President from the Theater of the Defense Ministry in Caracas.
The President said that the Police of Chacao is a center of crime, of conspiracy, “where logistics and operations of Paramilitarized criminal gangs are articulated.”
He criticized the mayor of the jurisdiction, Ramon Muchacho, for manifesting ignorance on the situation.
“How much does this Mayor, Ramon Muchacho, knows about this, I do not believe anything he says, they are experts in the “I did not did it”, the oligarchic posh who orders to kill and then they wash their hands.”
The Head of State said that it is necessary to stop such operations in Venezuela, “We had enough experience already with the “guarimbas” (street riot barricades), I saw his face well in the declarations, and I know a lot regarding his links with groups prepared for death”.
Similarly, President Maduro announced that he ordered the Minister for Interior, Justice and Peace, Gustavo Gonzalez Lopez, when ending the first phase of the audit, to bring and detain whatever may be deemed necessary, regardless of rank, and likewise to offer a balance of the whole operation to the country.