Maduro: 5th Congress must mark rebirth of the PSUV’s ethics

By leaving installed the 5th Congress of the PSUV and the 4th Congress of the JPsuv, the president of this political organization, Nicolás Maduro, ordered to work, as a fundamental axis of deliberations and work tables, on ethics and revolutionary values ​​against corruption, indolence and bureaucratism:

“It should not be a theoretical issue, it should serve to unmask the values ​​of capitalism, of consumerism (…) We need to apply the rebirth of ethics, morality and commitment, that is the first theme of this Congress”, he said.

During his speech at the installation ceremony of this national forum, from the Teresa Carreño Theater in Caracas, Maduro instructed to renew the arguments, plans and creative capacity of the concrete revolutionary policy of PSUV, based on the 3R.Nets: Resistance, Renaissance and Revolution:

What is this Party for? To build socialism, to defend the Homeland, to educate our people, to organize the People’s Power, to guarantee leading democracy, these are the great reasons for our historical existence”, he emphasized.

Zero tolerance for corruption:

In this context, the Head of State also demanded to apply “zero tolerance” against acts of corruption, alerting mainly those officials who hold public office:

“Let fall all those who have to fall, whatever they are called, wherever they are, whatever they may have been”, he pointed out firmly.

In the same way, he asked to apply maximum justice to those who traffic with gasoline: “All those who are involved in trafficking gasoline against the people will fall. That is the order!”

Likewise, he called for the maximum punishment of the narco-political phenomenon “on the left wing, on the right wing, wherever. We are not going to allow a phenomenon as beautiful as Bolivarianism to be infected by narco-politics”, he pointed out.

Alluding to the debate of the 5th Congress of the PSUV and 4th Congress of the JPSUV, he urged the 2,432 national delegates to provide concrete proposals for the configuration of the 1×10 of Good Governance, the map of solutions and the Concrete Action Agendas (ACA) of the Bolívar-Chávez Battle Units (UBCh).

Likewise, he directed to give the PSUV Congress a character of “facing the people” in order that “all issues be public knowledge.”

“Let’s hold a Congress with open doors for our people to listen to the truth of the people, bring our truth to the people and define the guidelines for resistance, rebirth and the changes that Venezuela needs,” he pointed out.