Venezuela will receive Iranian tourists from March 2

The Vice Minister for Air Transport and president of the Conviasa airline, Ramón Velázquez Araguayán, reported on Monday that Venezuela will receive Iranian tourists starting March 2.

In an exclusive interview with HispanTV, as explained the president of Conviasa, there will be, at first, 50 Iranian tour operators to show them the attractions that the country offers.

Subsequently, on March 21, will begin commercial flights between the two nations, which last 13 hours and will take place at night so that passengers arrive at their destination at dawn, as reports the Islamic Republic News Agency (ANRI):

Uniting Tehran with Caracas is a strategic destination and here tourism is going to be of great importance, above all, because we are going to have long-range planes that, on direct flights, can take passengers from Tehran to Caracas and bring back from Caracas to Tehran,” he said.