Maduro: Leopoldo López coordinates and finances criminal groups from Spain

The President of the Republic Nicolás Maduro directly linked Leopoldo López as the person responsible for the coordination, from Spain, of the narco-paramilitary and terrorist groups activated in Caracas against the Venezuelan people.

While offering an updated balance of the progress of Operation Gran Cacique Indio Guaicaipuro in Cota 905 and southwest Caracas, the national leader ordered Chancellor Jorge Arreaza to inform the government of Spain about these serious events:

“From Spain is being coordinating, planning and paying, on behalf of Leopoldo López, all the actions and the destabilizing plan and terrorist aggressions against the innocent people of Venezuela. Leopoldo López, from Spain, personally directs those groups,” denounced Maduro.

Colombian weapons:

While offering other details on Operation Gran Cacique Indio Guaicaipuro, the Head of State confirmed the seizure of official weapons of the Colombian Army in the area and confirmed that the detainees have reported having received training from Colombian paramilitaries in the Cota 905.

He also pointed out that the criminals had weapons of war to attack the civilian population, “punch bowls and full barrels of ammunition, weapons for snipers and anti-tank weapons, official US and Colombian weapons were seized”.

At this point, he recalled that Francisco Santos, Colombian ambassador to the US, publicly stated that the visit of the CIA Director to Neo-Granadian territory, William Burns, responded to a “delicate mission”.

“In the next hours more elements and evidences about this plan will be known. They are still looking for weapons and money stashes, they also had a narcotics laboratory”, he pointed out.

More than 3,000 troops deployed:

The national president pointed out that in Operation Gran Cacique Indio Guaicaipuro, a total of 3,110 security officers participated, achieving the seizure of 2,000 .50 cartridges, 4,000 cartridges of 7.62 caliber, 14 FAL-type machine gun magazines, an 84 mm caliber rocket launcher; in addition to an RPG-7, a portable multipurpose rocket launcher, an AT-4 anti-tank rocket launcher “and hand grenades belonging to the criminal gangs of the Cota 905, a complete arsenal, weapons of war of these criminal groups articulated by the right wing”.

In view of this scenario, President Nicolás Maduro urged the State security agencies to fine-tune the intelligence systems of the CEO and the FANB, as well as the popular intelligence, together with the Bolivarian Militia, to confront and defeat any terrorist plan against Venezuela.