CNE made software audit for selection of members of subordinated electoral organisms for NOV-21

The National Electoral Council (CNE), made on Wednesday the audit of the selection software of members of subordinate electoral organizations facing the mega-elections of November 21, a process in which will be elected governors, mayors, regional deputies and councilors throughout the country.

At a press conference offered from the CNE headquarters in Plaza Venezuela (Caracas), spokespersons of the entity, explained the criteria that will be applied, the number of voters that will be audited, municipalities and regions, as well as the selection of subordinate electoral organizations.

At the journey participated members of the Political Organizations postulating for the Electoral Process, the General Director of the National Office of Planning and Subalternal Electoral Organizations (ONOES), Luis Guillermo Piedra, who pointed out that for the process of choosing the board members are possible electors the citizens who are part of the database of the electoral registry.

He explained that the system performs this selection randomly and that the universe of potential electors eligible round about 902,380 citizens. He stated that the selection of members of subordinate agencies, that is, members of regional and municipal meetings, as well as board members, will take place next Monday. July 7.

Total transparency:

He stressed that, for the process convened for November 21, the voting tables will have four members: a president mand or woman, two main members and a secretary.

“The objective is for everyone to participate, the greater participation we have, the greater the transparency in the electoral processes”, he concluded.