Was installed Presidential Council of Popular Government for the Communes

The Presidential Council of Popular Government for the Communes was installed this Tuesday by the President of the Republic, Nicolás Maduro.

This instance is part of the more than 40 movements of the Bicentennial Congress of the Peoples, highlighted Maduro during a televised address:

«The day has arrived for us to take the step for the conformation and installation”, said the head of state.

New teams and activists incorporated in the bases throughout the country, of the 40 chapters of the Congress, he added.

He explained that they have strengthened the work agenda in the conformation of the revolutionary and social forces.

The constitution of this Presidential Council is part of the process to open new spaces of participation and social, political and economic leading role.

He stressed the importance of re-launching the Presidential Councils of the People’s Government as an expression of the direct democracy of the People’s Power.

He pointed out that these are a direct exercise of political power and an idea that allows the grassroots to make decisions and channel solutions to problems.

The first Presidential Council of People’s Government to be installed at this stage of the Congress was that of the Working Class and the Workers.

Likewise, the President indicated that these organizations are actively integrated with «the powerful communal parliament».

In addition, it will articulate with the Communal Cities whose law will soon be enacted by the National Assembly (NA).