Government performs preventive maintenance on public services before Covid-19

The National Government has redesigned the strategies for the preventive maintenance of public services in the national territory, after the high demand that arises in the country after the collective quarantine for the new coronavirus (Covid-19).

“We evaluate the solutions to the critical knots that present the services, the preventive maintenance of the drinking water and electrical energy systems, in addition to the advances to attend to the improvement of telecommunications, in the face of the increase in its demand”, explained the Sectoral Vice President for Public Works and Services, Nestor Reverol on his account on the Instagram network.

During the follow-up meeting on the provision of public services, with the ministers of the Vice-Presidency for Services, Reverol highlighted the necessary actions that the Executive takes to reinforce attention to the Venezuelan population, as reports a press release from the Ministry of Interior, Justice and Peace.

“We have held a meeting with the ministers of the Vice Presidency of Services, to coordinate the actions that guarantee the provision of public services to all Venezuelans, amidst the voluntary social quarantine and a state of alarm,” said the Minister for Interior, Justice and Peace.

He raised compliance with the security protocol to the conscience of the citizens to continue flattening the contagion curve, through the plans designed by the president, Nicolás Maduro.

Venezuela as of Monday reports 285 cases in total, 113 patients recovered; raising the death toll to 10.