Venezuelan authorities investigate death of 11 people off the coast of Güiria

Through a statement, the Ministry of People’s Power for Interior Relations, Justice and Peace, on behalf of the Government of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela, responsibly reported that the events that occurred on Saturday, December 12, in which the ABM “Sereta” PG 412 coastguard patrol, on a routine tour of the high seas in Sucre state, specifically on the coast of Güiria, found 11 people dead.

The publication details that this Sunday, the Venezuelan authorities, when following up on this unfortunate event, found three deceased people on the beach, including two male adults and one female. However, they report that so far they are not aware that any citizen has reported the disappearance of a relative.

«The corpses were transferred by commission of CICPC / GÜIRIA, to the morgue of the Central Hospital of Cumaná, for non-routine identification with experts in anthropology and forensic dentistry,» states the communication.

Likewise, it highlights that all the security forces are investigating this event and it is not ruled out that criminal gangs in the area are involved in this unfortunate event.

«We regret once again that the criminal gangs that operate in the area have links with the Venezuelan extremism mafias and use these facts to disqualify the actions we are taking as a Government,» asserts the communication.

The Venezuelan authorities reiterate the unbreakable premise with citizen security, social peace, and the life of the Venezuelan people, attached to the principles of respect for human rights.

Finally, it noted that coordination is maintained between the Venezuelan Government and the military authorities of the Republic of Trinidad and Tobago, supporting with its Coast Guard command and Search Mission by sea, as well as air support.



#Comunnique 👉 The Government of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela complies with responsibly reporting the events that occurred yesterday, at 6:10 p.m., in #Sucre state.”