Rector D'Amelio: The opposition does not speak with the truth to their constituents

The process for processing the Presidential recall referendum began on January 10 this year and it was three months after that the Democratic Unity Board (MUD) Party presented three requests, the first two with inconsistencies, said the rector of the National Electoral Council, Tania D’Amelio.
When interviewed in the “La Patria Nueva” (The New Homeland) program, broadcast by the Informative Channel of RNV, she lamented that the right wing distorts the information and does not speak with the truth to their constituents.
“Did they really wanted the referendum, do they want the referendum, or what game are they into? Because if you want the referendum, you were going the next day or two days later, but then you wait so long… They are not even doing the actions that the organization should make for being accountable to Venezuela. ”
D’Amelio said that although the right wing says to disown the rules “That govern the procedure for promotion and request for recalling referenda of posts of popular election”, the same dates from 2007 and it has not been disproved, at the time, by any organization for political purposes.
“It strikes me how those organizations that have been making a political life for so long can deceive their constituents and tell them “we delivered the communication”, but they did not told the voters -and we have published that- that they introduced a communication that did not met the requirements, however that sir from Miranda (Henrique Capriles Radonski) came out saying they wanted an answer right now; It seems to me it is a lack of respect for the Venezuelans and for their voters (…) ”
By inviting voters to consult the minutes of each of the processes previous to the-activation of the recalling referendum, which will be published on the web portal of the CNE, she requested the MUD to speak with the truth, “As they talk with the truth, then peace will remain on the beautiful Venezuela. “