76.5% of 2021 budget will be allocated to social investment

The president of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela, Nicolás Maduro, reported this Thursday afternoon that 76.5 percent of the 2021 Budget Law project, approved by the National Constituent Assembly (ANC), will be allocated for social investment.

“The working class must know that amidst this brutal economic warfare, 76.5% of the budget for 2021 is for social investment in education, health, culture, recreation, housing, recovering workers’ wages,” he said during a meeting, via a videoconference, with the working class of the country.

He pointed out that this is a budget for the fair, egalitarian, and equitable distribution of the country’s wealth.

“With accurate and scientific planning and the support of the Workers’ Productive Councils, we are going to recover the capacity to generate wealth and generate the highest amount of social protection and diversification of wealth for our people,” said the Head of State and Government.

In this context, he highlighted the role of the ANC as an entity that has made possible to overcome difficulties and consolidate the stability of the Nation.

«Blessed is the day on which I convened the National Constituent Assembly. Next year I will present the 2022 budget project in the National Assembly that the people will elect on Sunday, December 6”, he said.

The Budget Law project has been approved by the ANC, due to the contempt the National Assembly remains in since 2014.