Venezuela begins a new week of 7 + 7 Plus flexibilization with new active economic sectors

The president of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela, Nicolás Maduro, explained that after ending the seven days of conscious, voluntary and radical quarantine as part of the Venezuelan 7 + 7 Plus method, this plan has worked very well, and therefore he announced that from this Monday begins the week of flexibilization.

During the journey to report the balance of the fight against COVID-19 in the country and progress of the 7 + 7 Plus plan, the Head of State approved the activation of the following sectors that had not been included in the 24 already active:

The First National Mandatary explained that the sectors associated with trade, which will begin to work in this week of relaxation are: furniture stores, piñata stores, hardware stores, confectioneries, jewelry stores, pawn shops, florists, nurseries and liquor stores.

Meanwhile, the sectors associated with tourism such as: inns and hotels, beaches and spas, clubs, amusement and theme parks, cable cars, public places in open spaces, public events in open spaces, drive-ins and outdoor activities.

Strategic public organizations such as the National Institute of Land Transit (INTT), Saime, Sundde, Sencamer, Corpoelec and Cantv; They will also be incorporated into flexibilization.

The Head of State reiterated that this measure is due to “preparing for December, while reminding that the Pernil (Pork Leg meat) Plan will be 100% national this year, as well as toys, will be guaranteed for the boys and girls of the country”

He urged the Minister for National Commerce to be aware of the commercial sector in order to avoid speculation and protect the people during the Christmas season.