Voting machines software audit will be held until October 23

Until October 23, the National Electoral Council (CNE) will audit the software of the voting machines which will be used for the parliamentary elections on December 6.

According to a press release from the Electoral Power, it is detailed that this audit is part of the total of 16 audits that will be carried out throughout the electoral process.

On this journey, will be made a review of the hardware, software, as well as the data contained in the voting machine, including the review of the source code, and all technological issues, to verify its operation.

The audits will also make it possible to verify that the secrecy of the vote is guaranteed, as well as the biometric authentication of each of the electors summoned to elect the 277 new deputies of the National Assembly.

This week, the CNE presented the new voting machine, after a terrorist attack was perpetrated last January against the center, where all the electoral machinery was kept.

This new machine has a single, safer data transmission network, as well as software that shortens voting times and an integrated battery that allows electrical independence in its functions.

It also has functions to assist people with some type of disability. It is a more robust and compact model with a digital LCD screen, which allows the unique connection to the biometric verification system, which prolongs the useful life of the equipment.

It should be noted that for this electoral process, more than 20 million Venezuelans are summoned to elect the new deputies of the AN for the period 2021-2026, as established by the Constitution.