Perez Abad: The second semester will be much better

The economic outlook for the end of the year will be more favorable in the country, thus was said on Sunday morning by the Vice President for the Economic Area, Miguel Perez Abad.
“It has been a Herculean task to sustain the economy (..) Venezuela was given the worst omens in economic matters, but it is expected in the second half of the year that it will be much better. Public finances have to improve”, he said during an interview with journalist Jose Vicente Rangel in his “José Vicente Hoy” (José Vicente Today) program.
The Vice President for the Economic Area reported that monthly are allocated about 3 billion dollars, but the drop in oil prices has led a restructuring of the model, noting that the funding of countries such as China, India and Iran has been decisive, to give an important “oxygen” in addressing the situation.
Likewise, Perez Abad said they have worked in other tools within the productive scope with the private sector, and are confident that the results will be seen in a short term.
In this regard, he stressed that they have handled the export of raw materials for the textile, clothing, automotive sectors, absorbents for diapers, sanitary towels and thus increase the manufacturing of staple products for the Venezuelans.
The senior official of the Venezuelan economy also said that “briefcase companies” are over thanks to the exchange “liposuction” they have practiced.
“Let me tell you that those “briefcase companies” have disappeared, because today we have the map of each manufacturing structure. We have forced to make ourselves some kind of exchange liposuction and we have a strict control that directs the very President of the Republic, but we also have the production map of the country, much better finished, “he added.
The Vice President again invited businessmen to put their currencies to leverage domestic production.