Was activated Operations Command Post to guarantee peace

The president of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela, Nicolás Maduro, announced this Tuesday that was installed the special Operations Command Post (PCO) to guarantee peace in the national territory.

During a videoconference with the Governors, Protectors of states and mayors, the National President indicated that this instance is made up by the state command posts, the municipal command posts and the 2,361 Peace Quadrants, “the perfect structure” , which demonstrates the “perfect civic-military-police union, throughout the national territory, 24 hours a day”, he said.

Likewise, the Head of State announced the activation of “Plan 76” in all the states, municipalities and peace quadrants of the country in order to guarantee peace, stability and a sovereign election of the new National Assembly.

He ordered all the organizations of the People’s Power “to protect, defend and monitor peace in every street, in every community, in every locality, the entire Venezuela protected by the people”, in conjunction with the authorities.