Unilateral sanctions imposed by the EU are an anachronistic and neocolonial act

Through an official communiqué, the Citizen Power rejected and qualified as hostile the unilateral sanctions imposed by the EU over Venezuelan high public officials.

In the text of the document it is asserted that this type of sanctions to officials represent a mechanism of intervention in internal affairs and a mechanism of blackmail that contradict the norms of international law, which have repercussions that transcend the individualities, attacking the Public Powers and which undermines democratic institutions.

They classify the sanctions as an anachronistic and neocolonial act, and warn that, in other moments of history, these actions have involved the direct and indirect intervention of great powers in the internal politics of countries that were invaded, suffered coups d’etat or other actions that have left thousands of dead people.

Finally, the EU is required to desist from this type of intervention and a call is made to the Venezuelan people to continue building paths for dialogue and the peaceful and democratic solution of conflicts.

The document was presented to the national and international public opinion by the Chairman of the Republican Moral Council, Tarek William Saab.